How to Buy Fabulous Indian Ethnic Wear on E-Commerce Sites.

Have you been invited to a recent festive event but are not too sure of what to wear? Are you on the lookout for some beautiful ethnic apparel but don’t know where to buy? If that’s the case, we at Purple Mist Apparel have some exciting news for you.

Let’s face it ladies. There’s nothing more convenient than shopping online. It’s quick, reliable and definitely exciting. With that being said, not everyone is a pro at going about on E commerce websites.

It’s a skill that requires mastering before you can be on your way into the glamorous world of online fashion. After all, you wouldn’t want to be spending money on something ridiculous expensive but totally not worth it.

We’ve enlisted some simple pointers regarding the buying of Indian ethnic wear online. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on your way to a shopping spree worth remembering.

Ladies it’s time to bring out those measuring tapes and jot down your measurements. The basic size requirements for Indian ethnic apparel include length, waist, chest, and shoulder measurements.

Make sure you’re as accurate as possible because even the slightest error can affect your size. A tip that works wonders and saves time is measuring a dress that fits you well.

Shopping online can be risky. There can be a number of issues such as poor fitting so it’s always a good idea to be aware of your buyer’s return policy. Keep in mind brands such as Purple Mist that have a great return policy to be on the safer side.

Buyer protection is so important when shopping online. Having 100% buyer protection gives you the flexibility of resolving any disputes with the E commerce site when the seller is not cooperating.

In situations where the wrong or inferior quality product is delivered, the buyer has every right to complain and make a settlement regarding the delivery.

A little effort goes a long way when it comes to shopping online. This means taking a few extra minutes to investigate your delivery item in detail. Look out for things that affect your apparel such as washing instructions, specific handling and care as well as the type of fabric being used. At Purple Mist Apparels, we make sure to include every bit of useful information so that clients can be satisfied with their spending.

A great way of ensuring your product is as good as its display is by reading customer reviews. Every time a product is delivered, customers usually take out a few minutes to write feedback. This feedback can impact your decision making.

There may be certain brands that display a Photoshop image of an outfit that looks nothing close to reality. In other situations, the product may fail to meet the requirements or features being mentioned.

At the end of the day, the customer is always right. Consumer feedback can help you get a clearer image of what the clothing looks like in person, its quality and fit.


Next time you go online shopping for ethnic apparel; don’t forget to keep these tips in mind. It’s your ultimate guide to shopping success.

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